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Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

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CNY 1 Per Set
Supply Capacity : 600 Set Per Year
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Name of Product :Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine
Buying Offer ID : 134
Valid Until : 2019-11-30 00:00:00
Buying capacity : 1 Set
Packaging : Standard packages
Shipping :2017-12-13 01:34:39
Product Description
The latest version of High Speed single circular knitting machines represents the ability of innovation circular knitting machine. The four track different cams arrangement and Groz-Becker circular knitting needles used can produce various high-quality single jerseys with diverse knitting patterns. Designed with the central adjustment system and different circular knitting needle butt design with the cams of knit, tuck and miss to adjust fabrics in different levels of density easily and conveniently. This precision gearing system can achieve surface flatness of 0.03mm during stitch length adjustment. A machine with multipurpose functions, by replacing the heart parts, it can be easily converted into 3-thread-fleece and terry machine and other machines. Features: 1: Main gear driving equipped with German ball bearings/wearing plate 2: Central Stitch Control Devices: Adjust the stitch length and GSM only by using hex wrench adjusting tuning knob 3: Cam box: Computer-milled grooves and numerical adjustment to provide precision. Use the single bevel screw to fix the cam holder to ensure the accurate position. 4: Cams made in house from Japanese alloy steel, Computer engraving, vacuum heat treatment, HRC confirms to standard. 5: Touch type control panel with high precision. Easy to be replaced and durable even in long time operation 6: Strong interchangeable cam and cam box satisfy different fabric structure. 7: Ease of maintenance, installed & changed by special designed system Machine Equipment Option 1: Three thread fleece conversion option. 2: Heavy duty frame option 3: Open width frame option 4: Shorter leg height 5: Four Tracks Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine Six Tracks Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine 6: Different circular knitting needle type of machines option
Manufacturers By : biaoda machinery
Colour : custom color

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Shipment : T.T,L.C,D.A,D.P
Warranty : 1 year
Guarantee : 1 year
key1 : 2000KG
value1 : REDDISH