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Frequently Asked Questions
1: What is Textilekey.com?
Textilekey.com is a B2B website specially created for all type of textile businesses. If you are related with any Textile business Textilekey.com is a great place to start online business.
2: How to use Textilekey.com?
First you need to register your company you can find sing-up form on main page or just simply click Join Now
3: What to do after Sing-up?
After successful Registration you need to enter company management information this is a key form to start with Textilekey.com after successful submision of your company management you need to wait for Admin approval to submit your first product. Admin approval needs minimum 12 hours maximum 24 hours. 
4: What is Premium Member?
Premium member is a paid members of Textilekey.com they get more attention from buyers, sellers as well as from Admin and Textilekey.com team you can upgrade your membership at any time by contacting us
5: How to publish a Product on Textilekey.com?
Simply register enter your company management information wait for Admin approval after approval you can submit your products.
6: How to publish buying leads and selling leads?
After approval of company management you can submit buying and selling leads.
7: How to choose Categories?
For company management do not select sub categories it will hurt your SEO on Textilekey.com website and on google always select primary catagerories and remember to select best matching category.
8: How to select category for products?
Always select best matching category for your products.
9: How to select catagories for buying and selling leads?
Always select best categories for your buying and selling leads.
10: What are the latest products?
All latest products submit by free or paid member will highlight on Latest Products.
11: What is the featured Products?
Products of paid member will be highlight on featured products and Admin will work to improve paid member products.
12: What is Latest selling offers?
Every new latest selling offer posted by free or paid members are shown in Latest selling offers.
13: What is Latest buying offers?
Every new latest buying offer posted by free or paid members are shown in Latest buying offers.
14: What is featured selling Leads?
The selling Leads posted by paid member are shown in featured selling Leads.
15: What is Premium Suppliers Profile?
The newly paid member or premium member profile are shown on main website page.
16: What is Trade News & Notice?
The latest trade news and notice about Textile business and about website update are shown here.
17: What is Most Popular Products?
The products which most popular on websote and get most voting will be appear in most popular products.
18: What is the mean of symbol * ?
The symbol * is very important to filling website forms the meaning is you must enter the information in the * symbol box which are necessary the form boxes without symbol * are not necessary but if you fill them you will get more attraction on your company and products.
19: How to become Premium member?
For new user you can simply select paid account package on sing-up form the invoice will be created make the payment and start using Premium member account services. As for the member who already a free member and want to upgrade His/Her account to Premium member you need to contact TextileKey.com team so admin will help you to upgrade your package. For any other Questions simply contact us